Tory Woollcott is an author, illustrator and educator based in Toronto Canada, her works include autobiography, graphic novels, science comicsaudio dramaspodcasts and kids books.


Her graphic novel Mirror Mind recounts her experiences growing up with dyslexia. Her other works include the Audio Drama Awake withSparklermonthly, Toronto to Tuscany a travel diary she did in partnership with Kean Soo.

She is a graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honors BA in archeology and Near Eastern studies. 

She has appeared on CBC Radio's Metro Morning, Ontario Morning, and Canada AM, alongside a feature story by the Toronto Star. She has been a speaker at Word on the Street, Right to Read, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, as well as at the University of Toronto and a variety of public schools and libraries around the city. 

Tory also runs comic making, and dyslexia awareness workshops and has done so with the Toronto District School Board, Toronto Public Library, Little Island Comics, The AGO and Story Planet to name a few.  


Published Work

Some of the Books I've worked on!


Mirror Mind

Mirror mind is a graphic memoir about growing up in the 90s with dyslexia. This emotional book will let you see though the eyes of a person who sees the world a little differently. Don't just learn to read, learn to be your self.


Science Comics: Brains!

How did brains evolve? How do our senses work in relation to the brain? How do we remember things? What makes you, you? And why do neurons need an unlimited texting plan? (Because they send a lot of messages!) Do you have the nerve to see a human braIn up close? Get an inside look at what is by far the most advanced operating system around! 

Published by First Second and Illustrated by the amazing Alex Graudins!! 



An audio drama murder mystery in space! I co-wrote this one with the fantastic Barabara and the hole team over at sparkler!



This romantic story was written by Andrew Wheeler and I had way to much fun illustrating it! 


A wolf In the Wood

Coming soon! A new take on some classic fables! 


Toronto to Tuscany

In the summer of 2010, Kean Soo and I embarked on a month-long trip to Italy and the south of France. In between missed flights, trains breaking down, braving the Italian highways in a tiny fiat 500, unsuccessfully navigating the language divide, great food, deadly washrooms, naked Italian men, and eating a ridiculous amount of gelato, we also somehow managed to fall in love.

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The Barkley Instruction Manual

This is the instruction manual we give to anyone who is nice enough to look after our silly dog.

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