15 in 2015!

Lets do this thing.

I hate new years resolutions. I think mostly the arbitrary nature of it? I don't really know. But cards on the table 2014 was a really hard year for me. Good things happened, but even the good things were hard (weddings ya'll). Anyway, I really want this year to be different, I guess if I’m being honest I want to be different. I've decided that the best way to do this making a list? and putting that list on the internet?

Because I am a crazy person.

There are basically three things that I want. I want to be a better Teacher and Advocate. I want to take myself seriously as a Creator. And last and definitely not least I want to be more Organized.

I figure 15 in 2015 sounds great. So I'm going to give myself five goals for each of these.

Because crazy person.


Teacher and Advocate


Write 52 blog posts


I'm starting on this one right now!

I've always wanted to write (and illustrate) a blog about Learning Differences from the perspective of an adult with one (me). But, and I know this is hypocritical, I've always been too self conscious about my spelling and grammar to make it a reality. I don't know exactly what changed but now. I feel like if someone has an issue with my spelling, then I guess this isn't the blog for them?  So I'm going to write a post a week starting now. (ahhhhh!)



Get  300 followers on twitter


I have about  600 followers on my personal twitter, which is crazy to me cuz mostly I just tweet about how cute my dog is? but my real twitter where I talk about real stuff (@poorlyspeltlife) has only 130? This one isn't really something I can control but I feel like it will show how well I'm doing with my blog? clearly I need to talk about my dog more.



Teach classes or give a talks about: making comics



I used to teach these a lot, but last year being what it was I couldn't do them as much as i wanted. I miss seeing the crazy stuff young people come up with.



Teach classes or give a talks about: Mind mapping your story


I think an issue most people have with writing is they think its hard, and they think that there's only one way to do it, staring at a blank page. when I write I do it with a mind map, and it is super easy and I'd like to show other people how to do it to.



Teach classes or give a talks about: Dyslexia / Learning Different.


A Learning Difference is not a bad thing and I want to help parents teachers and students see LD's as the gift they really are.





Finish My Novel and Edit my Novel


Its totally outlined and half written (37000 words!) so I'm going to tweet how many words I write each week to kick my butt to finish.

Editing is the part that scares me more then the writing part. I have a real fear of it, and if i'm being honest with myself I think the fear of editing is what's making finishing so hard.



Take Drawing Classes


24 life drawing sessions and a class.

I took a writing class last year, it was taught by Ty Templeton and it was an amazing experience. If you want to write, not just comics anything, you should take this class. This year I'm taking Ty's drawing comics class. I'm two classes in and I'm not kidding its fantastic. My goal is to finish this class come hell or high water, and also to go to life drawing twice a month.



Finish My Graphic Novel: T 2 T



I have two half finished Graphic novels. The first one is a collaborative one with my husband called 'Toronto to Tuscany'. My half is almost finished, I want to finish my half.



Finish My Graphic Novel: Frog


this is probably my hardest goal. I've been working on Frog for a while now. I did a page one rewrite recently and its time to get to into it. I need to do a last edit of the scrip, thumbnail and draw the whole thing! I don't really know if its realistic to say I'll be done the whole thing in a year, so my goal is to have started pencils and inks of the final book. I'll keep you guys posted on that.



Make a video game


this is a project I'm collaborating on so I can't talk too much about it, but I'm super happy with it so far and I really want to see it out there.


Cleaning / Organizing



Do 52 loads of laundry



This one is self explanatory and a little silly for a grown up, but it’s important to me. So I'm really going to try. LAUNDRY EVERY WEEK!



Why not now? Stay tidy.


I don't want this to be a big deal, but I'm messy, and maybe a bit of a pack rat. But a few weeks ago I cleared house. I got rid of three garbage bags of stuff 3 pieces of furniture and reorganized everything. this was a big deal for me. My Mom said something to me a few moths ago that stuck with me. 'Why not now?' All it means is try to do a thing when you think of doing it instead of putting it off. I'm going to talk about this more later, and I've been doing it for a while already but i really want to see how it'll hold up over a year.



Kill Procrastination


I can procrastinate like a champion and I want to kill it. I want to kill procrastination. with an axe. So I'm going to read about it, learn everything I can about it and kill its dumb face. as I say with an axe.




Answer emails.



I hate emails. they give me hives, literally, literal actual hives. if you email me you have a  50/50 chance I'll answer you. If I do its probably my husband typing for me. NO MORE! starting now (a week ago) I will answer within 48 hours.

This is the hardest thing ever for me. But I'm committed, (or will be committed we'll see)



Cook Sunday dinner

I want to make a nice dinner every week. (doesn't have to be sunday) my husband is an amazing cook. he makes dinner every night and it's always amazing. I need to pull my wait. so I will cook a meal every week and post it here. (exception when we are traveling but the number remains 52.

Also note that I am a horrible cook so this might/will be likely be horrible.