Kids Read Comics!!

I’m comfortable saying that I had way too much fun at Kids Read Comics this weekend!

Far far too much fun.

I got  to be on a panel about Comics in the classroom moderated by Colby Sharp (who did an outstanding job). I met Sabine Gabaron, Laura Given, Jim McClain and Kean Soo (I guess I knew that guy already.) It affirmed my faith in humanity to get to talk with educators who believe in the power of comics!

Kean and I did the Kickoff Event on Saturday and spend a good ten minutes talking about how cute our dog is, (extremely cute). Annnnd how to sit on a chair like William Riker.

I also got to run a writing workshop at Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. We wrote a crazy fun story together about a super cool alien who gets abducted and needs to find her way back to her pet sheep.

It. Was. Rad.

OMG also there was the Kids' Comics Awards WHICH WAS THE MOST OF FUN!! I got to present with Zack Giallongo

I had the real pleasure of attending a talk by Carol L Tilley ‘The Secret History of Comics Readers’ opened my eyes to a lot of stuff in the history of the north american comic that i had never thought about, she put a lot of the industry into a historical perspective. If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak do not miss out.

I’d really like to thank Jerzy Drozd and the hole crew at Kids Read for inviting Kean and I, also Vault of Midnight for having that amazing drawing wall, and having wonderful staff! Green Brain Comics for being all round amazing. Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, which is an amazing space! I can’t even deal with how cool their volunteers are.

I’d also like to say that the Ann Arbor District Library is beautiful, and the staff are amazing!

 Here's Kean with the poster he drew :D

Here's Kean with the poster he drew :D

Comics we got: Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers by Zac Gorman, Giants Beware! and Dragons Beware! by Rafael Rosado & Jorge Aguirre, and Green Monk, by Brandon Dayton.

10 out of 10 Kids read comics. You were amazing.