Procrastination Strategies: Do it now Do it fast

Here’s a little post about a new procrastination strategy I’ve been trying.

Can you finish this thing in two Minutes? If yes do it now.

Thats pretty much it.

And this thing really works.

I’ve been applying this two ways, by adding time estimates to my to-do lists, and by timing my distractions as best I can.

A Tory To-Do

If the thing will take two minutes, then it gets done now, why not?

Usually about half my list is short stuff, so I would traditionally put it off. Not anymore!

Dishes: if I’ve been keeping up with the two minute rule, there won’t be many. and I’m not counting pots;)

Emails: the the bane of my existence.  The big trick to this is breaking it down to the smaller parts, each email isn’t long but if i had said ‘emails’ as one lump it would have taken more than the two minutes. And I probably wouldn’t have done them to be honest, I would have been intimidated.

Organized Distractions

I can only leave a task for two minutes.

I’ve talked about my problems with procrastination at length, and a huge HUGE part of it for me is getting distracted by something and walking away from what I’m doing, this strategy lets me get away with this, but still makes me get my stuff dun. If I’m working on something and I feel the need to get up and do something else? Thats fine, but i set an alarm for two minutes, after the time’s up I have to get back to what I was doing.

Its really that straightforward.

Its not perfect by any means, but I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and I have to say, those dishes are looking a lot cleaner, and those emails are a lot leaner (lolz)