Awesome Books! Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers by Zac Gorman

Welcome to the spooky Halloween special edition of Awesome Books!!
Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers by Zac Gorman will be my SOOOKY recommendation. I got to meet Zac at Kids Read Comics this summer, turns out, super nice dude.



This book is fantastic. The story is happening in the world of Costume Quest (The video game by Double Fine Productions and Tasha Sounart. You don’t need to have played the game to love the book, though, I never played it myself).

These three Repugians,Klem, Sellie and Brolo make their way to the human world to find candy. The three of course have bitten off more than they bargained for, they get separated, hunted by bullies, and maybe trapped in the gross human world forever! The art is amazing at the dialogue is fun smart and snappy. It actually has my favourite bit of dialogue from any book I’ve read this year


If you’re looking for an awesome Halloween book that’s way more fun than scary this is the book for you! (even if you're not get this book any why its just so darn good.)

Also if you are nerdy check out Zac’s magical game time it’s really great.

Five Finger Rule: Two Fingers, someone says ‘idiot’ and there’s a minor fight.