Time Management: its Alarming!!

Procrastination and Time Management go hand in hand for me, they aren’t the same thing by any means, but they definitely like to hang out and get brunch together on a regular bases.

tory woollcott time management  2

Time management is the ability to focus your time efficiently. Where is procrastination is Postponing delaying or ignoring necessary or important tasks. Procrastination is caused by a million different things like stress, disinterest and destruction. Effective time management is an excellent way to counteract procrastination no matter the cause. The only real way to get rid of  procrastination is to figure out the root cause and deal with that,  but that's another blog post altogether.


tory woollcott time managed

I don’t have a good sense of time. I never really know how long I’ve been doing something, unless I'm looking directly at a clock. I can't really tell the difference between 10 minutes and half an hour without some sort of technical aid. (but I have a crazy ability to wake up just before my alarm goes off, how weird is that?) This can be a real problem when I'm trying to estimate how long it will take me to get something done. I've gotten a lot better with this over the last few years because I've stopped relying on my faulty internal clock I'm using the awesome clock that comes with my phone!

I'm using this phone doohickey constantly, and in a lot of different ways but today I want to talk about the alarm!

Get to know time

I have an alarm go off when I start working, then hit the snooze button every ten minutes. This has helped me get a grasp of how long ten minutes really is.

(a side note if you use an iphone the alarm that comes with it won’t let you adjust the length of the snooze button so I just use this alarm app).

A big part of this is to make sure the alarm is soothing, if it's going to scare you or distract you to much it won't really work. The idea is for you to go, ‘oh ten minutes, neet’, then get right back to what you were doing, then repeat  (obviously not when you're trying to sleep but you get what I'm saying like 8 hours or what ever).

If you're like me and you don't really have an understanding of how long it takes to do something, or how long an allotment of time is doing this for a day it’ll really help you understand how long 10 minutes is.

Time allotment

I give my self an amount of time to finish something then set an alarm to go off.  I need to send an email that stressing me out? Set an alarm for 2 minutes. I need to do some dishes set an alarm for 20 minutes. knowing that there is an alarm set giving me only a limited amount of time to complete something puts a bit more pressure on, and doesn't allow procrastination to sink in.