Cognition: That cog in your skull!

Tory Woollcott Cognition

Cognition is how a person gains knowledge and understands the world. When a someone is talking to you about cognition they’re talking about all the different ways your brain works, problem solving, memory, and comprehension.

Everyone’s cognition is different. Some people have a perfect memory but aren’t very creative, some people are super creative but get lost all the time. Everyone is different and everyone's brain work differently. When someone starts talking to you about cognition its hard to know exactly what they are talking about, and it can sound really intimidating.

“oh no my cognition is bad! my brain is busted!”

nope not at all.

It just means you could use some practice. Thinking learning and creativity are a lot like sports, more like sports then a lot of us nerds like to admit. Practice makes all the difference.

Here’s the big secret, to cognition and to learning in general,  use your strength to make up for the weakness, have a crappy memory? fine, now ask yourself, what am I good at? Music, marvellous, let’s make a song of the important dates in world war two (or whatever). Art? amazing let’s draw a timeline. Gaming? great, let’s make a twine game.

I guess all I’m saying is don’t let yourself be defined by one thing, especially not something you are bad at.

not one thing Tory Woollcott