The Big 6 in 2016!

Last year was pretty great! I accomplished a lot that I’m proud of, and I think the new year’s resolutions I made helped me do that. So this year I’m doing it again! Last year I did fifteen resolutions and in hindsight that was a little much, this year I’ll do six.

I got myself The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. A friend of mine recommended it to me and I thought I’d give it a shot, I got it new year’s day and read it in one sitting. We’ll see, I’m optimistic about this one.

big six in 2016 2.png

I heard about this amazing ‘Bored and Brilliant’ challenge being put on by a podcast called note to self. The idea was to allow yourself to be bored, to try and break the addiction to your need to be constantly entertained. This has been worrying me for sometime, what am I not creating because I’m futzing with my phone? the end goal is to cut down the number of times I look at my phone in the day, and to start I’m getting rid of games! This is harder than you’d think, I only have one game on my phone right now, but I really love it, I’d tell you what it is but then you’d get addicted too! don’t do it! save your self! Anyway I have to uninstall and keep it uninstalled!

big six in 2016 3.png

In the summer I started swimming and really enjoyed it, I started because of some health stuff and the swimming really helped me recover. But then we started travelling and the pool closed for maintenance and next thing I knew I hadn’t swam in months. Ideally I’d like to swim three times a week, but my goal is just to start up again. I’m not going to say my goal is to swim X amount, just to swim. And I’m not saying that swimming is for my health or any of that jazz, I want to swim, because it makes me happy, that’s all.

big six in 2016 4.png

I think it’s a good think to write down what’s happening to you. I think it helps you to process the day and to be able to recognize what you actually accomplished. I’ve been keeping it up this week, we’ll see if i can keep it up all year!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.02.58 AM.png

I’m a cartoonist and sometimes I don’t have time to draw. This is crazy. I have to make time to draw, not just because of my work but also because it brings me joy.

I think a mistake I made last year was to make very specific goals and not give myself any room to modify. This year I want the opportunity to change and grow as I need to. I want to set a goal of a blog post every week, but I also really want to post blogs of significance, I want to research and illustrate each post. But I’ve got three books I’m working to finish and a lot of kids I work with need my attention too. Twelve posts of significance is my goal, but more or less is ok. The whole point of the blog is to help people with LD’s, and I’m not a lot of help if I’m overwhelmed.

Wish me luck!