15 in 2015 round up!!

2015 was a wonderful year, not to say nothing bad happened but over all it give this year a ten. We travelled like crazy. Florida, Michigan, Alaska and Japan! Each trip was incredible  inspiring, exciting and maybe a little exhausting, if i’m being honest. I think the big thing I got out of this year is inspiration. I had some really moving conversations with some really special people. I think this year was something of a making my chrysalis year, if that makes any sense. I needed to figure out my goals so I could get a handle on where I’m going, what I’m becoming? haha anyway I guess my point is I had a good year, and I have high hopes for next year.

But this post is about my 15 in 2015!

I really had three goals, be a better Teacher and Advocate, be a more prolific Creator and get my butt Organized. In broad strokes I think I accomplished a lot of this. I took my teaching, public speaking, and advocacy way more seriously. I tried a lot harder to communicate my ideas and I had a lot of fun. I finished two books this year, I’ll post more about those soon, but they weren’t the ones I’d set out for, so I’m not really sure if that counts?

Anyway here’s a breakdown of my resolutions.  

Write 52 blog posts

Here’s the thing about this one, no i didn’t write fifty two blog posts, but the ones I did wright I’m really proud of. I got into a routine that worked well for me. I designed and built my website, and I know I’m going to write even more this year. So I’m giving myself a point for this one.  

Get  300 followers on twitter

yes! I have  340 as of now, but in hindsight this was a pretty silly goal, I should be more worried about the quality of my posts not the number of followers.

Teach classes or give a talks about: making comics

Yes and it was awesome! this is going to have a whole blog post to its-self in a week or two. All the teaching went really really well this year! I can’t tell you how much I love working with people who want to create.

Teach classes or give a talks about: Mind mapping your story

Yes! I got to do this with kids and adults which was so great!

Teach classes or give a talks about: Dyslexia / Learning Different.

Yes and that was so cathartic, the school was so kind and such great questions!

Finish My Novel and Edit my Novel

Nope not at all,  well a little bit,  but it's not finished yet and it certainly not edited. no points for this one

Take Drawing Classes

I took Ty Templeton's drawing class which was phenomenal,( as are all his classes if you live in Toronto you really should take them.)  I also took a really fun silk screening class with a friend of mine.  I really like taking classes especially one-off evening things, I hope to do more this year.

Finish My Graphic Novel: T 2 T

I can't really give myself any credit for this one. I drew a few pages but got discouraged and stopped. I put the energy into finishing a different work that will be out next year! But that's not a good excuse, so no points!

Finish My Graphic Novel: Frog

Frog got put on hold? Well really it got so completely re-written that it’s a whole new book? I did a lot of work on that new book, but I can’t say I accomplished this one, so half a point? yeah half a point.

Make a video game

the video game I'm working on is awesome,  I'm making it with two other people who are both incredible,  making all our schedules line up so we can work together is not awesome.  It's coming together though but I don't think I had a realistic understanding or what I was getting into,  I think it'll be awhile yet before this puppy comes out. but I’m going to go ahead and half point this one.

Do 52 loads of laundry

I did laundry when we're in town,  my husband and I traveled a lot this year,  so I did a lot of laundry but I didn't keep track of each load. but if I'm honest I'm pretty sure it was more than 52.

Why not now? Stay tidy

I still would not define myself as a tidy person,  but I got a lot better,  I think the hardest part for me was when we would get back from a long trip,  and I would go straight back to work.  maybe this is just me the traveling takes a lot out of me,  unpacking cleaning up and going back to work within a day is just too much.  but with Keans help  we got the house back into submission before the end of the year!  so I'm getting myself a pass on this one :)

Kill Procrastination

A huge part of this year for me was fighting procrastination. I guess my hope was that I would kill it all together, but I think what I realized it is not the sort of thing you can kill. I learnt a lot of tricks to keep it in check but I think the reality is I'll always need to work at this.

Answer emails

I have been doing so much better at emailing this year. like a real huge improvement. something else I realized this year was that my problems with email and my problems with procrastination  are intimately related to each other, realizing that made it a lot easier.

Cook Sunday dinner

Okay if I want to be completely honest I failed miserably at this. Kean is still the king of the kitchen.  But in my defense he is a really good cook. also I made Christmas dinner this year. and I feel like that is a pretty big deal. so I'm going to give myself a half point on this.

11.5 out of 15 Ok that's not great but it's a pass so I'll take it. And I’ll admit that I probably shouldn’t have given myself any half points but this is my blog and I’ll cheat if i want too ;P

Happy New Year!