the big six in 2016 countdown

This is just a little review of how I did with my new years resolutions, I think I did alright, but not one-hundred percent,

Yes! I did really well with this! My place is clean! Right now it looks great! I’m really happy with how this turned out!

I will admit to loving Pokemon Go as much as the next person for a week or two but other then that no games!

I swam a lot and my new place has a pool! So I think 2017 will have even more of that!

Nope this was a fail! I kept a journal when I was traveling but otherwise I’m the worst!

For the most part i did draw a lot, but I should have drawn more, I’d give myself a half point on this!

Fail! Just not at all! But I think i had a good reason! I wrote a book! (or two maybe!) so there's that!


So three out of six? I’m pretty happy? This year was, difficult, but I’m proud of what I accomplished! And I’m looking forward to 2017! I’m going to do my best to create more! And take better care of myself!