What is The Tessera Oracle?

The Tessera Oracle is a totally and completely new divination system. Inspired by countless systems - Tarot, the I Ching and so many more -  I studied divination across cultures and history, finding underlying patterns, so that I could create something unique and modern and new. Something that’s designed to evolve even further with each person who touches it.

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The Tessera begins here and now with an original set of twelve charms. Over time, new editions - new themes and symbols and styles - will join the first set.

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Each charm has its own rich symbolism, and is designed to serve as an amulet or talisman – worn as jewellery or tucked into a wallet, bringing the energy and support of each symbol into your life as you move through the world.


What I wanted to create is something that’s totally unique to every person who uses it. The Tessera is designed to change and evolve over time. New ways of creating, shaping and interpreting readings are revealed every time a new person picks up a set.

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The Tessera 

Tessera are the smallest unit of a mosaic, a small piece of a beautiful whole. That’s how I think of divination in general - with the Tessera Oracle, it is the small pieces that, together, help to shape the beautiful whole.

Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott-mountain.gif

 The mountain

Obstacle and overcoming

Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- hourglass.gif

The hourglass 

Time and patience

Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- sword.gif
Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- frog.gif

The sword

Conflict and negotiation

the frog

Change and evolution

Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- dawn.gif
Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- fish.gif

The fish 

Luck and hard work

The Dawn

Beginning and opportunities

Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- rabbit.gif
Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- flower.gif

The Rabbit 

Action and passion

The flower 

Relationships and growth

Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- lantern.gif
Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- snake.gif

The snake 

Renewal and rebirth

The lantern  

Hope and clarity

Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- sea.gif

The sea

Journey and direction

Tessera Oracle Tory Woollcott- storm.gif

The Storm 

Chaos and inspiration

Readings and Spreads

All you need to do is start, and let the bigger picture reveal itself as you go.

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When the charms are laid out in a reading, they create a picture of what’s at play in a situation - the patterns you need to understand, and the possibilities you need to consider.

Tessera is a single piece of a mosaic - one small piece of a beautiful whole.

When all of those fragments come together, we can see something so much bigger than we could have imagined from just one piece.

Intuition is about finding those pieces, and knowing how to put them together to create something beautiful and meaningful, even if you’re not quite sure what it will look like when it’s done.

Tory woollcott Tessera oracle diamond.gif

The Diamond 


Tory woollcott Tessera oracle cube .gif

The Crown


Tory woollcott Tessera oracle cube .gif

The polygon




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