The Tessera Oracle is a new divination tool created and designed by Tory Woollcott. Wear them as jewellery or as a fortune telling system. 

⬧ The Sea and The Star

A journey of the body or soul. Look for your North Star, it's about the journey, not the destination.

 The Dawn

A fresh start, a new beginning to see things clearly. Keep an eye out for new opportunities.

 The Flower

Symbiotic relationships and a time of growth. Take opportunities and appreciate the gifts that are given to you. Take the time to attract things to you, rather than trying to chase them down.

⬧ The Frog

Change and evolution. As the dragonfly eats the tadpole, remember that it is the frog that eats the dragonfly.

⬧ The Mountain

An obstacle that needs to be overcome or avoided. It’s time to let go and accept endings.

⬧ The Rabbit

Take action. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Respect your emotions. A hunter can lose a hundred arrows, but only one needs to strike its target. Trying to avoid problems will only make them worse.

⬧ The Storm

Chaos and inspiration often go hand in hand. It is the rain storm that nourishes our garden, so look for the blessings hidden in chaos.

⬧ Fish Swimming up Stream

Luck is preparedness meets opportunity. The universe will provide you with opportunities, but if you have not put in the hard work first, your luck will not manifest itself. A wish you are working towards will be granted.

⬧ The Snake

Renewal and rebirth. This is a chance for reinvention. Rest and take time for yourself. Now is the time to shed your skin and show what’s new underneath.